Thursday, January 27, 2011

Escaping From Flatland

I had a great time in class Tuesday night with everybody's art. Will post bits of mine soon.

I'm getting along better with my words ("elevated" "awareness" and "lost youth") after the 2D projects. For a l'il while there "lost youth" was working me over like a couple of two-bit thugs in a dark alley.

Not sure what the 3D phase will look like, but I got some inspiration last week visiting SFMOMA. My favorite piece was there was "Agave" by Elliot Hundley.

It's about 8 feet high and maybe 20 feet long. There is a flat layer of photos and printed paper. Many thousands of smaller images are pinned onto the surface.

I found some pictures here on rocor's flickr photostream:

In 2D it looks like a bit of a hot mess, but in person it's very elegant and in a continual state of becoming. Every time you move it's something new. The pins you see head on are invisible, all others are at an angle...the continual refocusing made me feel like I was walking on the surface of a small globe, not lookin' at flat art on a wall. This thing's alive, I tell you, and 100% in the analog domain. Remarkable!